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Why Consider Day Trading

  We all dream of taking break from our painfully busy schedules – to spend quality time with the family, to hang out with friends, or maybe just to enjoy our own company even if it’s just for a little while. The world is full of stressful things. From work to school to maintaining social relationships, all of these can really drain your energy dry. So when you feel like... [Continue Reading]

Money Saving Tips For Single Parents Includes Much More Than The Basics

The most troubling fact about single parents is the low income that restrains a lot of activities. As the entire family depends on a single income, there are lots of areas that need to be compromised. In such a situation, saving money every month seems next to impossible. However, if you look beyond the basics of saving money, you will find there is n-number of ways to create a steady savings... [Continue Reading]

How To Earn Money By Driving Your Vehicle On Your Own Schedule

The gig economy presents many opportunities to savvy entrepreneurs trying to earn a quick buck. One of the best ways to earn money on your own is using your vehicle. Your car offers you one of the best business opportunities available. There are many ways you can earn money by driving your vehicle. Learn some of the best opportunities to start making money by driving your car detailed in the post... [Continue Reading]

Set & Forget Forex Trading

As the name implies, Set & Forget forex trading means that you set up the trade and then forget about it. By using this strategy, you’ll follow your trading plan exactly by removing all emotions from the situation and it will allow you to trade without actually being in front of your computer for a long period of time. It is also a great way to overcome analysis paralysis, an... [Continue Reading]

Does spread really matter in currency trading

Most people think they should invest money with a good and reputed broker. We would also have done the same if we were in your shoes because it helps to prevent scams and frauds. Brokers with a high spread are seen an indicator of trust because they are operating their services in a standard way which need them to charge higher fees for their services. However, you also need to keep in mind that... [Continue Reading]

The secret of success in Forex trading

There are many ways you can reach your desired goal. Some of the most popular ways include practicing your strategy, taking lessons from the professionals, using your automated trading software and some people even go for the paid signal services. Among all these confusions, it may make you wonder what the real secret of success is. This article will tell you the secret but do not think it is the... [Continue Reading]

What is OneCoin and why is it considered a Scam?

If you read news often you must have come across a story calling bitcoin a scam. From banks to billionaires, there are people who really dislike cryptocurrencies. And true, not all cryptocurrencies are legit. More than 10 cryptocurrencies have come up and exited as scams in the last five years. Think of OneCoin. A cryptocurrency so popular that more than $200 million was invested in the project... [Continue Reading]

When Spending More Initially May Save You Money In The Long Run

It would seem that when we as consumers spend money or go to buy something, there are a few things we are looking at and for when we make a purchase. We want a fair price, value for money, and quality. There is a saying, “penny wise and pound foolish”. The saying is usually interpreted as meaning watching your pennies, but spending pounds, not watching the big money. It can also be... [Continue Reading]

How to Financially Prepare for 2019

What’s so big about 2019 that we have to encourage you to prepare for it? It is the opinion of financial experts that we will begin the year in a recession. True or not, preparing financially is always a wise idea. You never know what’s around the corner. In this article, we will offer 6 tips on how to financially prepare for 2019. We will cover saving, two areas of your job... [Continue Reading]

Learning How to Invest in Stocks

If you have some money left over every month, while working your boring job, you want to put it to work. Putting your money to work is the American way. Making capital multiply with sound investment is one of the most patriotic things you can do. So, when you learn how to invest in stocks, you are learning how to become a better citizen. When a company goes public and offers shares of itself to... [Continue Reading]