Funeral Planning Made Easy

Planning a funeral is not easy, most especially if you want to have a cost-efficient one due to budget constraints. But, at the same time, you want to have a funeral that honours your loved one. It is never easy because of all the stresses, sadness, and emotions you feel when you lose someone, more so if it is an unexpected and untimely death. Add to that all of the decision making and planning you have to do to give your loved one a good funeral to commemorate his or her life. You have to realise that you do not actually have to do it alone. You could actually approach your local funeral homes to make your life easier in a time of grief.

All The Related Costs

In this day and age, the cheapest you could spend on a funeral would roughly be around £1,700 to £1,800 on average. And, this is if you only want to have something very short and specific such as a direct cremation or burial. If you want to have something more elaborate like a special memorial service, costing and expenses would most likely double and bloat to £3,300 for a cremation and a whole lot more for a burial which would cost £4,300. Because of how expensive funerals can get, most people opt to actually just skip it and not have special memorial services while there are some who could not afford to have any at all and just opt to donate the body of their deceased loved one to science. If you seek the help of your local funeral home, this would not be the case for you and your family. Not only will you be able to get a helping hand in times of distress and grief, but you would also be able to get cost-efficient options in terms of planning a funeral. Your local funeral homes would be able to help you in getting the most value for your money in terms of funeral planning not only for now, but possibly even for the future.

Cheaper Packages and Alternatives

With your local funeral home, you would be able to get funeral services at a much cheaper price than when you would plan it for yourself. For example, while a direct cremation on average would cost £1,700, you could actually get it at a much cheaper price of £975. You could also choose an option that would fit your budget so that you would not have to skimp out on giving your deceased loved one a funeral and memorial service that he or she would have deserved. For basic packages, you could get it for as low as £1,575. Without having to break the bank or your pocket, you would already be able to commemorate your loved one’s life. If you have a higher budget and want to make it a little more special and extra, you could get bespoke arrangement that would cater to your wants and needs starting only at £2,695. Although there are still some third party fees to consider, it would still be much cheaper compared to the average cost of funerals these days. But the best part about this is that you would not have to carry the extra stress and burden of all the funeral planning because you could leave it in the hands of the funeral director. You can actually focus on grieving for your loved one and being with your family.

Prepaid Funerals

You can also opt to plan for funerals ahead of time by getting a prepaid funeral plan. This is actually a smart investment move because as funeral prices and expenses rise, you would be able to get a funeral package in the prices of today, but you can use it at a much later time when inflation rates have already bloated the cost of funerals in the years to come. Prepaid funeral packages range from an all-in payment of £2,899, £3,349, £4,144, and £4,599 depending on how elaborate you want the funeral to be. It does not even have to paid at a one-time lump sum payment, because you could stretch out to pay for it on a monthly basis, depending on your budget. Comparing it to average funeral prices today, you would still be able to get the most basic package at a much lower price. The beauty of a prepaid funeral plan is that you would be able to pass it on to a loved one should there be an untimely passing in your family. Then, you could just simply get a brand new prepaid funeral plan for yourself afterwards. Even then, you would still be able to beat the constant rise of funeral costs and expenses happening each year.

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