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How to Build a Positive Credit History

Credit history has a great influence on the decision to grant a loan, mortgage or other financial commitment in a bank or private financial institution. Learn how unfavorable credit history affects your financial credibility and discover ways to build a positive credit history. This will increase your chances of getting a loan when you need financial backup.

Credit History – Short Definition

A credit history is the consumer reporting agency’s collection of responsibilities and obligations in the payment of current and past financial liabilities. It describes our cooperation with banks and other financial institutions and includes various financial references: loan guarantees, short- and long-term loans, subscriptions agreements and debits on credit cards. 

A positive credit history increases our scoring in the consumer reporting agency, in other words it describes our credibility with lenders. This feature can determine whether a bank grants a loan and defines the conditions for its repayment.

Often customers with a bad credit history get a loan on worse terms or even a request for a loan may be rejected. So, it is worth to care about your credit history, for example, to get an online personal loan on convenient terms.

Why Credit History is Important for Banks?

All these data inform the future lender about our creditworthiness and to a large extent determine whether the request for a loan or credit will be successfully considered. With a good credit history, the bank is able to grant a cash loan for a large amount of money, because our records in the consumer reporting agency provide that bank information about our solvency and that we pay our liabilities on time. 

Only non-banking institutions that offer short-term loans for a small amount do not check the consumer’s credit history. However, the lender may also register the borrower in the consumer reporting agency’s database if the loan was not repaid on time, thus reducing the customer's financial credibility. With this status, it is not easy to request for a loan in the lending companies, and the removal of the unfavorable history is possible only after 10 years from the date of repayment of the delayed loan. 

What Affects Your Negative Credit History?

It often happens that we are given a negative decision on our credit request because of a negative credit history. It is worth knowing the reasons why our credit history presents itself badly in the eyes of financial institutions. This is not necessarily the result of unpaid loans, and the reasons may be quite different. 

A bad credit history can have a variety of reasons for refusing a financial commitment. The most important of these are: 

  1. Lack of on-time payment – this is one of the most important factors influencing the assessment of creditworthiness. It may result in the rejection of the loan request or higher total costs of the loan.
  1. Difficult contact with a bank or non-banking institution – in such a case it is best to act precisely, the best idea is to arrange a meeting with a representative of the institution in order to determine the next steps leading to repayment of the debt.
  1. Over drafting a credit card – breaking the bank’s designated lines of credit, or debits, contributes to bad credit history.
  • Multiple debts resulting in numerous delays in repayment.
  1. No credit history – if we have never taken any loan, we are not financially credible.

How to Check Your Credit History in CRAs?

According to an information on www.usa.govon website you are entitled to a free credit report from each of the three credit reporting agencies (Equifax, Experian, and TransUnion) every week, through April 2021. You can request all three reports at once, or request them one at a time” (source: 

Ways to Build a Positive Credit History

Creating a good credit score requires time, responsibility, and knowledge. However, having a positive credit score will bring success to those who request for a personal loan at a bank or other financial institution.

Here are some practical tips on how to improve your credit history:

  • Paying off liabilities on time – there is nothing worse for a client than a delay in paying off the loan, try to keep an eye on the repayment of your loans.
  • Using financial product offers – without any credit history we are not too reliable. A large number of on time repayments and those that we are currently paying off will be a sign that you are solvent.
  • Avoidance of debt collection and bailiff enforcement actions – they show that the client had serious financial problems.
  • Having a credit card – you can pay your credit card debit, but this involves a slightly higher interest.
  • Installment purchases – timely payment of installments may be listed in the CRA database and has a positive influence on our consumer rating.

Will the Bank Lend with Bad Credit History?

If we have a bad credit history, it does not necessarily be that a bank or other financial institution will refuse to grant us a loan. If there is a short-term delay in the CRA’s database, it is possible to grant a loan with bad credit history.

However, this may be reflected in the total cost of the loan granted, we can expect the interest, commission, and credit margin to go up. Banks treat the decision to grant a credit individually and take into account the amount and duration of the debt, the number of overdue payments or unpaid debits on the card.

If we have not managed to obtain any loan form the bank on acceptable terms, help should be sought among non-banking institutions that do not pay attention to consumer reporting agencies. Thanks to parabanks, we can easily get a loan with bad credit history. How to get credit with a bad credit history? Visit a website of an online lending institution and fill in the online request form. After the request for a loan has been granted by the lender, the money will go to the borrower’s account. The whole process takes only a few minutes.

Loan with Bad Credit History – Only in Non-Banking Institutions

Is it possible to get a loan with a negative credit score? With a large number and variety of offers from financial institutions it is quite easy to get a cash loan. A loan repaid on time should certainly increase our financial credibility. However, it is rare for banks to provide loans to people in debt. 

Non-banking online loans with a bad credit history are a good way to go, because online loan companies often do not check CRA scores and are more agreeable than banks when it comes to checking potential customers’ reliability. With a minimum of formalities, we can request for a loan with a negative credit score, however, it is particularly important to get acquainted with the loan offer terms before the final agreement.

Online loans are very popular among those who are unable to get a loan from a bank due to bad credit history.