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Birch Gold Group Review

Birch Gold Group is a multi-billion company that engages in financial services, lifestyle and precious metals. It is a profit-making company and has a legal name dubbed Birch Gold Group LP.

The company was registered under private ownership and is one of the major leading dealers of tangible precious metals.

The company uses one to one approach to aid clients to variegate their fortune with precious metals. You can read more in the review below.

History of Birch Gold Group

The company was founded in 2003, and it is headquartered in Burbank, California. The corporation constitutes commodity brokers, former rich managers and financial advisors. All these have the same goal: to educate the public on substitute investment tools and deliver the correct remedies for personal needs.

With almost two decades of experience, this multi-billion company has achieved two milestones in the precious metals industry. This includes huge success in trading these metals and proving to her clients that it is reliable. What would you use to assess the performance of a company apart from this?

The company deals with physical goods. It would be best if you had a trustworthy firm when you are handling physical goods. This is because it is very difficult to get your money back when you are frauded. In addition, there are more cases of counterfeit precious metals.

Having served for almost two full decades, the Birch Gold Group has proved to be a trustworthy company. You are serving for an extended period indubitable showcase their magnificent abilities. In 2019, the media covered the grand forgery of bullions, raising eyebrows on the whole gold industry.

To avoid being a victim of fraud, you should transact with reliable precious metals dealers. Birch Gold Group has been delivering top-tier services and remedies for their clients interested in wealth governance or protection.

Products Offered by Birch Gold Group

This company engages in precious concrete metals, which include; silver, palladium, gold and platinum. These precious metals are offered in divergent weights to clients who buy them from Birch Gold Group Company. In all valuable metals, gold attracts major attention.

Palladium is a scarce asset giving an avenue to make huge profits since of its scarcity. Birch Gold Group give its clients a chance to choose the metal they would love to invest in. The firm only gives financial advice to its customers but do not make decisions for them.

This company has huge discounts on its products, as Benzinga discusses in his report - "Birch Gold Group Adds a New Shade to Black Friday with Free Silver." See this link to read more insights

Birch Gold Group Pricing

To own these assets, you have to buy with capital and pay up for the protection of your treasures. With any valuable metal investment and custodial service, a client is required to reimburse a fee for the mandate and safekeeping of holding your IRA with Birch Group.

Erstwhile stipend inclusive an account setup cost of $50. A client is supposed to pay a wire transfer fee of $30.The firm demands a customer to pay up to 100$ for storage and insurance fee. Additional fees of $80 are included for management.

The good of investing with this corporation is that for transfers over $5000, Birch will take care of your first year's fees. Treasures that are under custodian you will not be charged on a percentage value. The yearly sum of $180 does not alter despite the value of your account.

Storage Alternatives from Birch Gold

Birch's storage facilities are safe and secure as they have partnered with excellent firms to give you the best services.

Brink's Global Services and Delaware are the two companies that store precious metals in their secure vaults for Birch customers. They not only offer storage but also offer insurance for your metals throughout the shipment-to-storage supply chain.

The assets are stored collectively, but you can verify your precious metal holdings independently. There is a sense of security as the firm often audits, guaranteeing adherence to all U.S tax laws concerning IRA accounts.

Customer Services

Birch Gold Company offers top-tier customer services. It is evident from customer reviews on their customer services. The company has a Better Business Bureau rating it an A+. From Better Business Bureau 83 customer reviews, Birch got 4.9 stars out of 5. Click here to read how you can start trading Gold.


Birch Gold Company aids Americans to secure their treasures by diversifying into concrete invaluable such as gold and silver. Customers can buy bars or coins for actual possession. Alternatively, they can change an IRA or old 401 (k) into a precious metals IRA.