Building A Website, Ranking it, Creating Profits.


I have much SEO experience, and still have so much more to learn. I have discovered that white hat SEO is not as simple as some would make it out to be. People frown upon black hat SEO, and it is often illegal. so white hat SEO is usually the way to go if you want to remain respected and professional in your craft. Doing your own SEO can sometimes be downright exhausting. It can be a very big reward to those who learn the ins and outs of it though. I am going to share with you one technique that some may not be familiar with. The idea is to target a market, create a website design to capture leads for it, and then offer results in advance. Doing this is a good way to establish trust with your potential client without them having to take any risk! I will explain to you the idea behind this. Be warned, this is not a get rich quick scheme, there is a lot of hard work that goes into it. For you to attempt this, you will want to be at least somewhat knowledgeable with SEO. I will do my best to explain this in a way so that, if you aren't, you may look these things up. This way if someone is seeking to educate themselves, they may do so.

Targeting Your Audience

First you want to pick out your audience or your target market. When I was learning how to do this, my instructor used the example of bouncy houses. The idea behind the bouncy house business is that it is a high-profit margin business. All you need to do is invest in the bouncy house and the tools to blow it. You then hire a teenager to drive it around and set it up. It’s a low-cost low risk business with high rewards in comparison to its expenses and upkeeps. Businesses like this are usually best. They also need to be phone driven. An example of a good phone driven business is a windshield repair business. You can generate leads with E-mails only, but you want to rank the website in the search engine's listings. You will need a phone number attached to it to do this. The reason for this is because Google factors it in its rankings. This is not to say that you cannot rank a website without a phone number. I am only stating that it will be easier on the Google side of things.

Building The Website And Dialing in The Content

When you get into building your website, you are going to want to make sure of a couple of things. In my bouncy house website, I want at least 1000 words on my homepage, the page I am trying to rank. This is because Google ranks by URL and not by the entire website. This is an important factor to remember. Every other page, such as a service page, you’re going to want 500 words (at least) of content. The reason being, Google loves it. We don’t know why. It will also need to be relevant and well written. This will take time, writing your own content. After wrapping this up you'll need to geo-target all the images on your website. You want them to match the address that you will be using in Google. You do this by using the longitude and latitude co-ordinates of that address. There are several other things that you can do also. Plenty of stuff you can do to dial in the content of your website. Unfortunately, I do not have enough space to list them all in this article. If you're interested in furthering your knowledge in that area, do some research. I will do my best to help though. I'll go over a few critical aspects that you will need to cover to ensure your website peaks in the Google rankings.

We've covered adjusting your own content, geotargeting your images and more. Ensuring that there is enough content on each page is important. You will want to be sure that you use proper grammar throughout, and that you check your spelling. Before you publish your website, make sure to grab your domain name. Then, there are some finishing touches you'll want to add on your site. Go through the entire site, make sure that you have all your header tags labeled the right way. H1, H2, and so on. This will help search engines scour and document everything on the site. The easier your website is to read, the faster you'll shoot up the search engine's rankings. Once this is complete, you will need to make sure the search engines can pick up the legitimacy of your site. This means that you'll need to go into as many business registry websites as you can and list your business. Some are free, but you will have to search for them. Some of them encompass an umbrella of other websites. These will list you on a multitude of them all at once. These services do cost money but are sometimes worth it to save you the time. These decisions will be up to you and your budget. After you're listed on at least 100 of them, you will want to start building backlinks to your website. You do this by finding broken links and guest posting on blogs. You can attempt to recreate backlinks that your competitors have, and much more. Research ways to build backlinks and become educated in your craft. Make sure that you allow one week for your website to acclimate after it registers in the search engine. Do this so that you do not incur a penalty for acting to soon. You don’t want to do anything spammy in the first couple of weeks. This includes excessive blog commenting, or things of this nature. After one week, you start dropping the links that you want into your website. This will ensure proper ranking. You don't want to alert the search engines to anything suspicious.

Ranking the Website

After that’s done, you are going to want to keep watering your seeds. Create your google my business profile and fill it out to the fullest. Link your website to your Google My Business profile, and your vice versa. Make sure you have healthy interlinking pages on all the pages on your site. Try to avoid too much exact keyword matching, but some is okay if you can’t help it. Create social profiles for your business. Use Facebook, Foursquare, Twitter, Bing, any of the big ones. It will save you time if you do this while setting up your citations. It will make the entire process go along much smoother. Make sure you make sure to only drop about one or two of your more trustworthy solid backlinks a week. If you do it that way you should be able to avoid rousing any suspicion. After about 8-12 weeks, your website will rank for its search terms in that given area. Be sure when writing your meta-tags that you include “Bouncy Houses. Bouncy Houses in (area).” This helps the search engine sort you amongst the other companies in your industry. It will also give you a slight boost up if they aren’t doing this themselves. Your Google My Business listing will rank first, it always does. If you are watering your seeds, your organic ranking will follow shortly after. Then you will have your "Top 3 Map Box Listing" for that area, and you will also be the first ORGANIC search term that pops up. Depending on how big your market and your niche is, this could have huge upside potential. Advertising and lead generations aren’t the only things you can do with these skills. There are plenty of other ways to capitalize on this. It is a good way to create some passive online income for yourself.

Wrapping it Up

There are so many ways that you can use this skill to generate income for yourself or for your business. You can learn this yourself, or you can pay an SEO and Web Design company to do this. Think of the upsides as a business owner. When you put your organic ranking in the search engines and get yourself a number one spot in the map box? That is priceless. It is like a piece of digital real estate that you own. On top of that, it is creating leads for you. The best part about all this is, you own it! And you can do all these things on a budget if you put the time and work in it. Few people are willing to write their own content to get started. You might want to think about saving up some money. This way, you can have people do the more menial tasks not everyone likes to do. Tasks that may take up too much of your time in the long run. Once you get started, your main goal is going to be creating more income generating websites. If you are a person that likes to make sure every detail is correct, you will do this fine. If you are a person that likes to do everything yourself, you will enjoy starting out with this. Afterwards, your focus should be on closing deals and creating more income. That should be the long-term goal with these digital properties that you create. Now, it’s time to start reaching out to some business owners! Offer them the free leads for a week or two, then call them back and give them a closing price! Alrighty, this was my food for thought and I hope you get something out of my experiences! Thank you for reading!

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