4 Effective Marketing Strategies for Your Real Estate Listings and Properties for Sale in Perth, WA

Properties for sale in Perth, WA, and its surrounding suburbs are expected to grow in the coming years. The region is now a hotspot for realtors and investors, so if you have a property there, you’d want to step up your marketing strategy.

Many marketing resources are available, but how should you pick a marketing strategy? This article will give you practical marketing methods to help you sell your property.

Online Marketing vs. Print Marketing

When deciding on a marketing plan, you and your agent might choose to promote online, in print, or a combination of the two.

The internet is now an effective tool for searching properties. People can receive a property alert and search properties by optimising technology. But traditional print marketing is still used nowadays.

Here are a few methods your agent may use to advertise your home.

Online Marketing

Print Marketing

Listing sites

Brochures and flyers

E-magazines and targeted emails

Newspapers and property magazines

Real estate blogs

Signboards and posters

Search engine marketing and pay-per-click ads

Letters and postcards

Social media sites, like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest


Your agent should go through these possibilities with you and develop a marketing strategy based on your budget, location, property, and market trends.

The real estate market is crowded with sellers attempting to attain the same goal: selling immediately for the most competitive price.

Not only do most agents employ a combination of internet and print marketing methods, but most buyers are proactive when they search for houses and examine online listings.

To sell your property quickly and reasonably, you must highlight its significant characteristics.

How to Market Your Real Estate Property

So, how can you leverage your marketing strategy to differentiate your house from the competition?

Here are some tips:

1) Set the Right Price

The state of the property market in Perth, WA, varies throughout the year, so it's essential to do your homework on the optimum time to sell your house to get the best value.

Compare your home to similar properties in your neighbourhood to get an idea of where it could fit in the current real estate market.

Buyers will use the listing price you choose to determine the worth of your house. With this in mind, you should do the following:

  • Avoid pricing your property too cheap in the hopes of attracting interest since purchasers may not recognise the actual value of your home.
  • Avoid overpricing your house since it will fall short of buyer expectations.
  • Ask your agent for a price guide supported by evidence and use it to influence your pricing.
  • Consider hiring a professional appraiser.

2) Present Your Home At Its Best

A marketing approach can only do so much to entice potential buyers. Your property is the main attraction; therefore, it must be presentable.

Do minor landscaping, apply a fresh coat of paint, or replace worn-out fixtures throughout the house. They make a big difference.

The bigger your investment in displaying your home, the bigger you’ll earn as well.

3) Use Creative Ways to Market Your Property

Most brokers advertise your home on their websites and through listing agencies, but those outside the box can offer your house a competitive advantage.

Here are some terrific methods to stand out from the crowd and get your property recognised:

3D and Virtual Reality Fly-Throughs

A three-dimensional representation of your home that potential buyers can fly through online is enticing.

Several apps now allow people to create a virtual reality version of their homes for a fully immersive experience.

Video Walkthroughs

Before deciding to tour your property in person, a potential buyer will look through the internet and print photographs to get a sense of what it looks like. Although almost all properties will have these, not all will have video walkthroughs.

Potential buyers may get a true sense of your house and its land size through videos, which might entice them to come to view it for themselves.

Social Media

Marketing on social media channels such as Facebook is quickly becoming a norm.

Instagram and Pinterest are social media platforms that also provide a creative, visual medium for you and your agent to showcase the desired characteristics of your house.

4) Hire the Right Agent For You

Before hiring an agent, inquire about their marketing plan and compare it to other local agencies.

A professional agent will also discuss the specifics, including marketing strategies, expected outcomes, costs, and responsibilities.

Before you hire an agent and run a marketing campaign, you should understand what is involved.

If you decide to hire an agent, don't just go with the one offering your property's highest price. Many house sellers make this mistake, believing the agent would obtain the price during the appraisal.

It would be best to avoid agents that propose a one-size-fits-all marketing plan — this will restrict your selling chances and ultimately cost you more money.

Experienced agents may be able to sell your home off-market using reputable buyer's databases and pre-auction routes, so consider marketing ideas for an off-market sale.

The Bottom Line

A good marketing plan results from a collaborative effort between you and your agent. Therefore, it's critical to pick an eager agent to listen and collaborate with you. Don't settle for anything less than the most suitable agent to advertise your property right now.

Real estate listing sites are also an excellent tool to optimise your buyers and house prospects if you are selling or looking for a house in Perth, Western Australia.

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